Lane Music and Art is the combined website where you can find information on siblings and independent artists Christopher Lane and Verity Lane. 

Christopher Lane is a neo-expressionist figurative painter based in the Whitechapel area of East London. 

Verity Lane is an artist, composer and creative director that incorporates elements of traditional Japanese culture with an avant-garde twist into her work.

VERITY LANE                                                         CHRISTOPHER LANE






Based in the Whitechapel area of East London, Christopher is a neo-expressionist figurative painter that works in a myriad of mediums such as oils, acrylics, water colour and ink. He is extremely prolific, exhibiting many of his works and sketches daily on Instagram where he has amassed a large following. 

Recent projects include a commission from the charity Orphans in Need, as well as his much celebrated exhibition MUSA at the Brady Arts Centre.  This exhibition explored the possibilities of colour and texture in the medium of oil on linen.

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Christopher Lane accepts commissions for a variety of projects including portraiture and commercial work. 




Born in Tottenham and spending nearly a decade in Japan, visual artist, composer and writer Verity Lane specialises in creating highly visual performance installations for traditional Japanese instruments and beyond.


Verity began her music studies with the late Indian composer John Mayer at age 11, before going on to complete a BA Hons in Japanese and Music at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). She then completed an MA in composition at Osaka College of Music, Japan, where she focused her studies on traditional Japanese music and aesthetics. Verity lived in Japan for almost a decade and is fluent in Japanese.

Verity’s works (music, poetry, installations etc) are highly conceptual and focus on nature, collaborating with artists in the field of dance, animation, film as well as other creative mediums. Her works are steeped in traditional Japanese aesthetics such as yugen and ma, and are often described as ‘dramatic performance based musical expressions’. Her work is based on narrative, with works exploring her unique translations of traditional Japanese stories and folklore, as well as her own writings and poetry, giving a spoken word element to the performance.

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Her recent multi-media projects include Origami Soundscapes/The Crane (origami and music/Japanese and English noh/opera installation, Grimeborn Opera Festival, 2019) A Thousand Bamboo in a Dancing Wind (performance installation for 300 shakuhachi, 2 dancers, projection and performance poetry, commissioned by The World Shakuhachi Festival, held at Goldsmiths, 2018), Yugenism: Animated Soundscapes of the Japanese Sublime (supported by Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation), and Japanese Sandscapes: The Tale of Mt Fuji where she worked with artists including Ko Ishikawa (sho/Reigakusha), Etsuko Takezawa (koto/shamisen) and Kaho Aso (traditional Japanese dance/kotsuzumi). Both projects saw Lane launch herself within London’s avant garde music scene, selling out venues across London.

Verity Lane always has just started her own company Jo-Ha-Kyū Arts LTD, which focuses on promoting and producing genre-defying works steeped in Asian culture, namely Japan and East Asia.

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Verity's work takes inspiration from Japanese calligraphy, where she explores the use of Chinese characters in the medium of ink and acrylic on paper and canvas.








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